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Clinics Recruiting Volunteers for Medical Trials, Clinical Trials in Northern Ireland

clinical trials Northen Ireland

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Northern Ireland Clinical Trials / Paid Medical Research

Welcome to Northern Ireland Clinical Trials

A Local Portal for Paid Research Activities Recruitng Volunteers from Northern Ireland

Volunteers urgently needed to take part in Clinical Trials and paid medical research in the Northern ireland area. Open up a world of opportunity by helping with the development of new and existing treatments

  • Earn £6.50 an hour plus or up to £100 per day for taking part in clinical trials or medical trials, drug trials as they are commonly refered to.

  • Choose from a wide choice of clinical trials and paid medical research studies available in the Northern Irealnd area.

  • Read, study, work on a project or just relax, watch TV / videos while you take part.

Volunteering for UK medical trials and medical research studies can be an excellent way to help to pay educational costs, supplement your income while working, or fund your travels while spending time in foreign countries. Clinical Trials Birmingham Clinical Trials Bristol Clinical Trials Cambridge Clinical Trials Leeds Clinical Trials Manchester Clinical Trials London Clinical Trials Nottingham Clinical Trials Northern Ireland Clinical Trials Scotland Paid Clinical Trials Clinical Trials Sheffield Clinical Trials Wales London Clinical Trials Clinical Trials Connecticut US Paid Clinical Trials Clinical Trials New Jersey UK Paid Clinical Trials Clinical Trials Pennsylvania Paid Clinical Trials Clinical Trials Texas

UK clinical trials are strictly regulated and all ethically approved to ensure volunteers greater protection. All medications tested go through very extensive pre clinical trials . This can take many years at a cost of millions before a new medication is considered safe for testing on people

Do I qualify to take part in clinical trials and paid medical research studies?

If you are aged 18 - 85 (of either sex) and in good health you are likely to be eligible to take part in clinical trials, but you will need to take our Instant Clinical Trials Eligibility Test first.

Examples of Clinical Trials and Paid Medical Research Studies
Available in the Northern Ireland Area:

Wanted Type Details
Clinical Trials
Females taking Microgynon, aged 18-45, Non-Smokers
Belfast, Northern Ireland Recruits Volunteers from Ireland and all throughout the UK

Approximately 100 pounds a day
18+ Medical trials Inclusion Criteria
MDS - Male Non Smokers Aged 18 - 85 Males Aged 18 - 85
Must pass eligibility test on application
Exclusion Criteria
Chronic illness Chronic Medications
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Recruits Volunteers from Ireland and the UK
Varies depending on the study
Approx 100 pounds a day
55+ non smokers Clinical Trials Belfast MDS - Post Menopausal Women or Females who have had a Hysterectomy
Testing a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. Not first-in-man
Inclusion Criteria
Healthy Post-menopausal/hysterectomised women, aged 18-65, non-smokers and smokers <5 per day. No conmeds, including HRT. BMI 18-32.
Study takes place in Befast, Northern Ireland
Requires an in-house stay of 17 nights, followed by 3 one hour return visits.
Stipend £2048 Reasonable travel costs will be paid for volunteers from England, Scotland and Wales
18 - 35, (British) Smokers and Non Smokers Needed MDS - Males and Females Aged 18 - 80 Needed for Clinical Trials
General registration for studies throughout the year
Aim of Study
Inclusion Criteria
For most studies, participants must be:
A healthy adult, age 18+
Non-smokers or light smokers
Taking no medication
No more than 30 lbs overweight
Available to stay in-house on a 24-hour basis for the duration of an in-patient study
Females CAN BE on or off the pill , surgically sterilised , post menopausal or abstaining
Must have passed instant eligibility on the menu bar.
Must be registered with a doctor ( No time requirements )
Exclusion Criteria
Chronic illnesses
Chronic medications
Current or past history of alcohol or substance abuse
Allergies to drugs
Varies from I day to a month or more depending on the study .
Approximately 100 Pounds A Day
Other Info
Pool table
Freeplay arcade games
Internet suite
Sky TV and extensive video library
Free daily newspapers and magazines
Board games, books, quizzes, tournaments...
Must bring passport and visa details if you are visiting from overseas or if you are a resident of the UK , your national insurance number .
They dont pay travel expenses but flights are very cheap to Belfast
Aim of Study
We recruit participants from our register to a wide range of genuine market research events across the UK on an ongoing basis .
Inclusion Criteria
Must be UK national or long term (8yr+) resident, aged 16 - 100!
Exclusion Criteria
You must NOT have participated in a focus group or any other form of market research within the last 6 months (for this comany or anyone else), OR have been interviewed and selected to do so in the near future . Mystery shoppers would be excluded in focus research although there are no restrictions on the number of activities that mystery shoppers can participate in . For those who prefer focus groups to mystery shopping , here is your opportunity .
Assignments take place in LONDON and right throughout the UNITED KINGDOM
Usually about 2 hours
Standard consumer group of 90 minutes usually £30, 2hrs usually £40, B2b groups may be up to several hundred pounds for a couple of hours - all groups also offer refreshments. Product testing payment is variable and involves samples etc, also occasional surveys for small prizes or prize draws
Free Gift Other Info
Does not involve medical trials in any way, and open to participants in any state of health.
Registration is free and confidential, and all it commits you to is receiving occasional email invites - you are then free to decide if any of them interest you and apply.
Taking part in research is interesting and fun, and a great way to influence the development of products and services you use… from consumer goods to social policy.
These are great activities to participate in between medical trials or at anytime.
We are members of the Market Research Assocation, and the Association of Qualitative Researchers. Also Data Protection registered, we do not pass your contact information on to any third party, nor use it for any other purpose than the sending of genuine research invitations. You may unsubscribe at any time.

You should always be well informed of the significance and conditions of each study. Northen Ireland Clinical Trials provides a wide range of research activities from non invasive psychological research (£6.50 an hour plus) to more involved clinical and medical trials which can last anything from 1 day to month. In Northen Ireland, Healthy volunteer trials usually reimburse about £100 a day for your time and inconvenience.

Want to learn more?

Follow the links on the menu bar, they will take you to the The BioTrax Study Site the most comprehensive & professional service for clinical trials volunteers in the world. Biotrax provides comprehensive information about each study and takes all the hard work out of finding the right studies with times and dates to suit.

Subscribers to BioTrax Services, receive comprehensive information about current clinical trials and paid medical research studies in the Northen Ireland area and unbiased personalised advice to help you to make the best decisions for yourself. Becoming a member of BioTrax is the quickest and easiest way to find the right research activity to suit you.

You can participate in Clinical Trials, paid Medical trials or something completely non invasive such as Brain Imaging, Nutrition research, Plasma Donation, etc. and even more than this, for regular volunteers there are things to do during the waiting periods between medical research activities such as Mystery Shopping, Focus Groups and Paid Surveys which are rewarding and loads of fun. There is no such thing as a portal web site that recruits volunteers for all researchers but BioTrax Services will put you in contact with the lot.

Northern Ireland Medical Trials needing volunteers URGENTLY

  Study Name City  
Healthy Medical Research Healthy volunteers needed Smokers and Non Smokers
Males and Females Aged 18 - 55 for Medical Trials In Northern Ireland Clinical Trials Northern Ireland N.Ireland
Post Menopausal Medical Research Healthy volunteers needed
Clinical Trials N.Ireland Surgically Sterilised and Post Meonpausal Females 4 Medical trials in Northern Ireland Northern Ireland
Females taking Microgynon, aged 18-45, Non-Smokers
Females Taking the Microgynon Pill Needed for Medical Trials in Norhtern Ireland Clinical Trials N.Ireland Northern Ireland
PMale Non Smokers Aged 18- 85 Needed for Medical Trials
Clinical Trials Northern Ireland Male Non Smokers Needed for Medical Trials in N.Ireland Northern Ireland

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